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What do we recommend? Kayani Bakery, Pune famous Shrewsbury Biscuits. HARI RAM Samosa Masala Allahabad Prayagraj's world-famous Ghee Samosa and Namkeens Special Ghee Chatpata Chana Spicy Chakna Indori Namkeens MP most Special Besan ke laddu Benaras (Varanasi) Sweets, Aloo Papad and Pickles. Finest Quality Ghee Sweets from 150 years old shops of Allahabad and Varanasi. Imported Chocolates and Snacks from all over the world. & More...
We deliver delicious Sweets and Snacks from some of the oldest and most renowned shops in India - The shops that are a part of every culinary legend in the area. We are passionate about great food, and we want you to enjoy the highest quality and the most delicious authentic dishes. We also deliver a wide range of Imported Chocolates and Snacks. We don't manufacture products or own the displayed brands. We are a delivery platform enabling deliveries of fantastic food items from one part of the world to another.
Swad India Global

Swad India Global

All your favourite International 🇺🇸🇬🇧 Snacks & foods, Now available in India

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We are loved and adored by our customers. We aren't bragging :)
We deliver Sweets and snacks from shops across India. We also offer imported food products. When the quality of almost every food product has degraded, we miss the shops and the food where Purity and Quality were the mantras, where everything was hand prepared with outcome care and precision. Through Swad India, we are bringing that lost Swad back to you. We search for the local flavour from back home wherever we travel, which is impossible to find. Now relish the taste of the famous Samosa, Sulaki's Gujia, and other sweets and snacks from some iconic eateries throughout India.


We also offer a monthly subscription to our popular products. You get a Flat 5% cashback second month onwards.
Subscription is a long-term commitment, and we are committed to you. You will receive the products you chose, but let us know if you change your mind later, and we will update your subscription.


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We deliver to all corners of the world. We don’t charge for domestic shipping. The shipping fee to other countries depends on the conditions of the shipping company. The estimated delivery date is as per the courier guideline. More than 99% of our shipments get delivered earlier.